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Restorative Dental Services


The all-familiar filling is how we repair decayed teeth, or teeth with smaller broken areas. It is necessary to attend to tooth decay to prevent it from spreading and causing irreversible damage to the tooth.

Cosmetic Bonding

At times, we can alter the esthetics of a tooth by bonding matching filling material directly to the tooth—with very minimal preparation. If the changes that need to made are minor, then this is a great and conservative way to do so.


Veneers are a good option when a fracture or aesthetic issue is too great for a bonding procedure, but too minimal to warrant a full-coverage crown. Made of porcelain, they are permanently placed on the front surface of a tooth.


Crowns are a routine way to fix several issues including cracked teeth, weakened teeth from large existing restorations, improving aesthetics, and especially after root canals to prevent fracture of the back teeth.

Night Guards

Stress is at an all-time high these days. Many patients come in with complaints of sore jaw muscles and chipped or cracked teeth. Much of the time we end up grinding or clenching our teeth while sleeping, causing wear, chips, and cracks. These two habits can be largely due to stressors in our environment. Night guards are a great and simple way to take those forces off the teeth and prevent these problems. We make night guards that specifically adapt to your mouth to ensure proper and effective function.

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